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  • Name Description Fisrt Release License Type Status
    æternity explorer æternity blockchain explorer shows detailed information on blocks and transactions. 2018-11-28 ISC explorer Active
    Base aepp Base æpp is where you begin. Send & receive AE with the wallet. Create and manage dedicated accounts to safely store AE, to experiment and fuel æpps.Mobile only. 2018-11-28 ISC wallet Active
    AirGap With the AirGap two device approach secure key handling becomes more accessible. The AirGap Vault is installed on a dedicated or old smartphone that has no connection to any network, thus is air gapped. The AirGap Wallet is installed on a every-day smartphone. 2018-11-28 not list wallet Active
    AEKnow AEKnow allows you to explore and search the Aeternity high performance blockchain for mining, transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other resources, activities taking place on Aeternity (AE). 2018-12-11 MIT resources Active
    Anybit Your Mobile crypto Manager. Secure Friendly Fun. 2019-01-12 Apache-2.0 wallet Active
    AEBet The Future Casino Platform Build On Aeternity. 2019-01-15 Property amusement Pending
    æternity Tip Bot @AeternityTipBot: A simple æternity tipping bot. Message me privately or use /help /commands in a group we both are at. 2019-01-23 Property amusement Active
    IMAE AE挖矿指南,AE区块链浏览器,AEPP开发,Sophia,erlang,AEternity中文SDK这里统统都有. 2018 not list explorer paused
    AEMonitor Aeternity block chain explorer 2018 not list explorer Active
    AE-China A Chinese website about Aeternity 2019-02-13 not list portal paused
    AE中文网 ae中文网 2019-04-25 not list portal Active
    IMAE.IO An online shop that all goods can be bought by AE. FROM AE,TO AE. 2019-05-01 not list commercial Active
    AE News AE News about aetenrity blockchain – News and updates about aeternity and blockchain technology 2018 not list portal Active
    TrustWallet Online aetenrity wallet, Arkane.Network : Next generation blockchain wallet provider and developer api 2019-08-01 MIT wallet Active
    Arkane.network Online aetenrity wallet, Arkane.Network : Next generation blockchain wallet provider and developer api 2019 not list wallet Active
    Waellet Waellet is a browser extension that allows you to interact with Aeternity blockchain in your browser. 2019 ISC wallet Active
    aeWallet A standalone PC-based waellet, the transaction can be made OFFLINE or ONLINE. 2019 MIT wallet Active
    Graffiti Graffiti allows for pictures to be transformed to an unique artistic style, with some estimation on complexity. 2019 ISC art Active
    Name Description Fisrt Release License Type Status